Our community commitment

We don’t just care about building, we care about the WA environment too.

Small changes make a big difference

Here at Ventura Home Group we’re committed to building sustainably and creating energy efficient homes. 

We have a sustainable vision for building and often the benchmark by which other builders follow.

By making small changes we’re making a difference.

Small Changes
Minimise construction waste

Minimising construction waste

From challenging the status quo and being led by innovation, we have streamlined and improved building techniques and processes.

We’ve made a conscious decision to partner with an industry leader in waste management many years ago which has seen us achieve recycling rates up to 90% of all waste.

We lead by innovation

At Ventura Home Group, innovation is a key pillar of our success. We constantly review our systems, procedures and building practices to ensure we are at the forefront of sustainable building.

Through extensive research and development, we drive improvements in sustainable and energy efficient building practices.

We continue to be led by innovation in all aspects of design, technique, product and materials and apply learnings via reviewing and re-inventing new and improved methods continually.

Lead by innovation

Sustainable partners with a shared vision

We engage our trusted local supplier network to be aligned with our sustainable vision. We encourage our supplier networks to change their processes, systems, and ways of thinking so that it has a flow-on effect on the industry.

We assist our suppliers to explore and invest in automating operations to increase efficiencies and accuracy in their processing, with the aim of reducing costs, time, and waste from inaccuracy.

We source sustainable and renewable materials and products that are of equivalent or improved quality whilst maintaining low prices for our clients.

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In addition to being a Western Australian icon for over 25 years, we  are also WA’s most awarded home builder. Every day we make Ventura Home Group an amazing place to work for over 250 staff.

WA's most awarded home builder

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