A New Era in Home Building as iDesign by Smart Homes for Living Launches

Mar 19, 2015 | News

A new era in home building is here, with the launch of a fully responsive platform called iDesign™ by Smart Homes for Living.

The Ventura Home Group Director and ‘Smart Homes for Living’ Sales and Marketing Manager today launched an exciting new website and home building platform that will set the tone for the Australian home building industry for years to come.

iDesign™ is a web based responsive platform that allows new home builders to fundamentally change the way the think about, engage and decide how they will build their own home.

Users can choose from multiple options and create their own perfect home design platform, choosing by room, and a range of details, from ceiling height to the alfresco, dining, living and bedroom sizes and location.

“iDesign enables customers to make virtually thousands of changes, to create there perfect home,” Jon Greshon said.

Today’s customers want Ease and simplicity, when purchasing a new home, they also want it now. Introducing iDesign” Jon said.

VHG’s Director talked about how iDesign could change the way Australian’s build their home, giving consumers ultimate control on design and build – just as they can for any other products online.

“People buy their shoes online, cars online, just about everything. Now it’s time people can design and build their own home – anywhere, anytime online”.

The iDesign platform is going to shake up the industry, with VHG competitors likely to follow their lead.

“One of the most exciting transitions we’ve seen in our industry”.

“You’re engaging with an interactive program, as soon as clients engage with iDesign, they are sold on the idea”.

“You are all pioneers, paving the way for the next generation of home building”.

iPad in hand

iDesign can be used on smartphone, tablet and desktop. The new, responsive website is a great leap forward for home building, giving families the chance to personalise their home design.

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By Kate Paratore

By Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant