A guide to making the most of Pre-Start for when you build for the first time

Jun 28, 2019 | News

Pre-start is the part of the building process where you get to pick all your fittings and fixtures, colours and cabinets, everything from the type of handles on your bathroom cabinets to the colour of your windows. It can bring out all those closet interior decorators or be overwhelming for those not sure what to choose. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming – read about what Smart Homes for Living, one of our builder brands, have to share on making the most of your pre-start meeting.

Over to you Smart Homes for Living:

Feeling stressed just thinkin’ about Pre-Start? Well in addition to the fact that stressed spelt backwards is desserts (mind blown much?!), we’ve got a bunch of tips to make your Pre-Start journey easy-as-pie. (There we go talking about dessert again, but we promise that by the end of this guide you’ll want a slice of this yummy as building process all for yourself).

Our Senior Pre-Starter – yep, it’s a real job –  & all-round superstar, Sarah Bailey, says the key is to be prepared-squared. That means being uber prepared y’all. Don’t worry, you don’t have to splurge on new Kikki K to achieve this holy grail of preparedness. Being organised Pre-Start style just requires a little for-thinking and maybe, just maybe, a scribble or two in your Notes app.  (Or back of the envelope if you’re into that whole throw back to yesteryear thang).

Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

Create a mock-up of an electrical plan.

During the contracts stage, you’ll be given an electrical pricelist. It may seem a little overwhelming but basically, you want to make sure you can straighten your lush hair in the bathroom, plug in your Xbox or use that treadmill in the gym room (New Year, New You, we get it). This mock-up should include each of your new home design amendments and additions, so think about your furniture layout and whether you’d like to add LED downlights or ceiling fans, additional single or double Power-Points, and/or additional TV points.

Next up..

Visit our showroom and/or suppliers showrooms

Try before you buy. We’ve all heard of the concept and don’t hesitate to use it when it comes to clothing, so it only makes sense you apply it to a big investment like a house build right?! With the number of choices presented to you during the Pre-Start process you’ll want to be smart ‘bout it. First things first, create a Pinterest mood board with your desired new home design ‘look’. Don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Flooring (carpet, vinyls and timbers)
  • Tiles
  • Cabinetry
  • Bricks & Pavers

The works. Once you’ve created the dreamiest mood board possible, let it guide you through the journey of creating your new home design. We suggest visiting our Pre-Start showroom @ Level 6/20 Walters Drive before your initial appointment –  In it you’ll find each of our interior & exterior finish options from bath options to rooftile colours. And lots of happy peeps doing the same thing that you can chat with and become BFFs with. Although our showroom is filled to the brim with selections, some of our suppliers may also have further luxxy options for you to view so don’t hesitate to get in contact with them too! Is the process feelin’ like a piece of pie yet?

Pre-start selections

Standards vs Upgrades

The Selection Guide’s lists are like a map of the pre-start process. A fun and funky map! These guys tell you exactly what’s included in each of our house and land packages. Once you’ve wrapped your head around which package would suit your #lifestylesmarts and new home design, compile a list of your lust-have and must-have upgrades. Think: appliances, tapware, doors, bricks and paving. HINT: You’ll want to know about our exclusive Miele ovens 😉.

Discuss a Pre-Start allowance

You know that all-round friendly guy or gal who has guided you through the home building process? That person you can call at the drop of a hat? i.e Your New Homes Consultant? Well believe it or not, they can also help organise your Pre-Start allowance too by chatting with you and your Finance peep and seeing what’s in scope. Is there anything they can’t do! This will ensure you are financially prepared for that must-have upgrade and aware of your financial opportunities with your broker. It (literally) pay$$$ to be savvy!

Review & compare your floorplans

Last but 1000% not least, looking over your plans is possibly the most important step of all. To do this, we suggest placing your new home plans next to your existing home plans and doing the ‘ol compare and contrast. (Circa Yr 10 English lol.) This will give you an idea of your personal living requirements. What do you luuuuurve about your current home? Whether it’s the living room layout or that kitchen cupboard space, note it down and make sure its included in your new design! Now think of the things you wish you had like more linen cupboard space, a theatre room, an extra ensuite… we know the list can seem endless but if you’re prepared-squared it can be done!

What we’re trying to say is the Pre-Start process doesn’t have to be pie-squared (overcomplicated hehe). At the end of the day we’re here to design and build a home that’s right for you, and we’ll do everything in our power to do this. A blog counts as everything, right? *we joke, we joke*

Keen for more Pre-Start prep ideas?  Contact Smart Homes for Living on 9241 1300.

Last updated Jul 2, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant