Express Living’s Magnificent ‘Shoreline’ Home attracts hundreds at Open House weekend

Nov 19, 2018 | News

Showcasing the potential of narrow lots, the ‘Shoreline’, designed and built by Express Living Homes, is an inspiring space promoting sustainable living and construction methodology in an affordable manner. Boasting high raking ceilings, open plan living and a stylish fit out to suit those who enjoy the art of design.

Beyond the Shoreline’s striking façade, the open-plan living area and overall layout makes it ideal for a range of people – designers and art appreciators alike.

Flowing on and up, the open-plan living area incorporates a dining and lounge area, with a kitchen sitting conveniently nearby. Taking a step away from the traditional look of white kitchens, this kitchen is highlighted with alight timber surface enhancing its streamlined look.

The overall modern appeal of the home is complemented with directional lighting suspended from the void’s sloping ceiling, courtesy of sleek metal beams.

The innovatively designed and built home was on display as part of Perth’s prestigious Open House initiative, open to the public on November 10 and 11, 2017.

Interior photo of Express Homes Shoreline house 

Open House Perth began in 2011 and is a collaboration that aims to showcase Western Australia’s best buildings. As an organisation we knew Perth wanted better design and the chance to show off some of Western Australia’s (WA) best buildings! Whether it is a home, office, tower, church or religious space Open House has been there opening the doors to some of the most exciting designs around; and some of WA’s best historical sites too.

Incredibly over 800 visitors viewed the Shoreline display over the two day event.

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By Kate Paratore

By Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant