Express Living launches stylish new brand

Jan 19, 2019 | News

In the short few years Express Living has been operating, the building company has built a strong reputation for designing and building distinct and affordable homes, using innovative building techniques, offering a great selection of homes that reflect both their client’s personality and budget.


Evolving from Express Two Storey, the refreshed name and brand identity now reflect the broad range on offer and a greater selection of styles and designs that are unique to the WA market. Express Living present clients with a choice of single storey homes, as well as their innovative Brownstones and Skygarden ranges, affordable double-storey options to suit individuals looking for a stylish home that won’t cost them a fortune. Express Living Homes focuses on helping clients express who they really are with a stylish home that perfectly fits their needs and personality.

Express Living believes a home should not only reflect their clients style but also suit their lifestyle too. By creating homes with an innovative design that are build cost effectively and sustainably, with a strong focus on interior design, we’re proud to put stylish and cost affordable homes within everyone’s reach.

Last updated Jun 18, 2019

By Kate Paratore

By Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant