Express Living launches New York influenced Brownstones range

Sep 7, 2017 | News

Urban, gritty and incredibly sophisticated, the Brownstones offer New York-esque Warehouse style homes with mezzanine floors, high ceilings, open areas, exposed beams and rafters and industrial finishes. This is narrow lot living redefined!

Launched in 2017, Express Living‘s Brownstones range of double storey home designs are affordable and stylish.

Designed to replicate the fascination homebuyers have for warehouse-style New York loft apartments, the Brownstones range is incredibly unique and “out of the box” in comparison to what is on offer in today’s market.

Each home showcases beautiful void ceilings with high raking roofs, pendant lights, concrete floors and stunning open tread stairs. Utilising sustainable, energy efficient design methods and an innovative construction process that almost eliminates waste.

Each Brownstones product has its own unique feel, style and look about it and can be custom designed with four on trend styles – The Warehouse, The Mod, The Fifty and The Scandi.

Brownstones offer New York-esque Warehouse style home

Brownstones provide homeowners with the opportunity to build something funky and stylish – labelled “a revolutionary product transformed the way people live and buy homes in Western Australia”.

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By Kate Paratore

By Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant