Display Homes to open in evenings over summer months

Jan 24, 2019 | News

For many decades, the home building industry has opened display homes on Wednesdays from 2-5pm. However, beginning last week, a number of leading builders commenced a trial of twilight opening hours on Wednesdays from 4-7pm.

There were a number of factors as to why the group decided to trial the extended opening times. Closing display homes at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon didn’t always suit families who were juggling busy schedules with work, kids’ sports and other commitments. They’re seeking flexibility and convenience when it comes to researching building a new home.

Ventura Home Group General Manager in the South West, Daryl Brough, said opening their display homes in twilight hours was a wonderful opportunity for clients to stroll through their homes in the cool of the evening during the summer months.

“It’s also a great for people that work full time to pop in after work,” he said.

Daryl Brough says he supports the trial and has opened his displays across Ventura Homes, Smart Homes for Living, Express Living Homes and Aussie Living Homes, on Wednesday evenings. He says he would like to see the industry come into line with the retail and automotive industries.

“For a number of years the home building industry has worked within set display home opening times and it’s great to be able to offer extended hours similar to other customer service industries,” Mr Brough says. “In consideration of the evolution of retail shopping hours, this is an opportunity to reconsider the way we engage with homebuyers.”

All major builders and land developers have committed to support the twilight trial, meaning display villages across Perth and the South West will be open for business on Wednesday evenings with a great range of homes to view. The trial is expected to run until Easter.

Last updated Mar 12, 2020

By Kate Paratore

By Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant