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Mar 31, 2020 | Article

Be honest: we didn’t like it much at first, did we?

Being told that we could no longer have all our groceries packed for us at the supermarket checkout in those free plastic bags?

Now, all of a sudden, we were going to have to bring our own re-usable versions every time we did our weekly shop.

And should we forget to do that, we’d actually have to put our hands in our pockets to buy another bag.

How annoying was that!

Fact is, though, whilst some of us may have had the odd whinge at the time, it wasn’t for long.

Because we knew that all that throw-away plastic really was harming our planet.

And we knew that the onus was on each and every one of us to try to start doing the right thing.

Which is why the vast majority of us are now happily drinking our take-away coffee in keep cups. Or choosing paperless bills to help save trees. Or making sure everything we can recycle goes in the yellow bin.

In other words, in a myriad of everyday ways, we’re being a whole lot more respectful to Mother Earth.

Which is exactly what Ventura Home Group has always endeavoured to do – with every new home we build.

Putting our energy into energy-efficient homes

To be fair, lots of businesses these days are making a solid effort to not just promote, but actually practice, their green credentials.

(Even one of the aforementioned supermarkets recently followed up a much-criticised plastic toy promotion with a far more earth-friendly campaign involving biodegradable seed pots.)

At Ventura Home Group, however, we’ve been ‘green’ ever since we first opened for business, over 25 years ago.

That’s because energy efficiency has always been integral to how we construct our homes – from the design principals we employ to the materials we use.

Our design team, for example, won’t just give your new home the ‘wow’ factor – just as importantly, they’ll ensure it’s designed to be as energy efficient as it can possibly be.

The size and placement of your windows, for example, will be designed to take advantage of the sun’s position throughout the day and across the seasons, making the most of cross ventilation and the cool Freo Doctor, whilst minimising the warm easterly.

And by incorporating the optimum ratio of glazing for each room, this will help reduce your energy bills, by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Heating and cooling (as if you didn’t already know this) are among the biggest culprits in terms of energy consumption. This is why we also ensure that high- rated insulation is a standard inclusion in every home we build.

There are many more energy efficient inclusions too – including high-rated Water Efficiency tapware, LED light fittings, energy efficient appliances, an insulated manhole, and dampeners to exhaust fans.

And for a minimal cost, our customers can go even greener with innovative solutions such as a roof E-vent and eave vents to remove the hot air out of their roofs

Sustainable construction and building practices too

At Ventura Home Group, our commitment to building sustainably is reflected not just in our design, but in our construction processes too.

Through our long-established and trusted supplier network, we continually source sustainable materials and products that are economically viable and of equivalent or improved quality to those currently available.

And as an industry-leader, we are constantly looking for ways for ourselves and our suppliers to improve the building practices we employ.

For example, the pre-fabricate timber floors cassettes we use for Express Homes for Living,involve a process that requires 100% precision. By working with our local supplier, and by supporting and encouraging their investment in automating the cassette pre-fabrication, we were able to achieve a level of precision (and an elimination of waste) not previously seen in the WA building industry.

And for a really chic example of building sustainability, the New York loft-style Brownstone homes from Express Living Homes are pretty hard to beat.

By utilising off-site construction of major structural elements, these ultra-energy efficient homes are changing the face of residential construction in WA.

With the walls, floor and roof all craned into place in just one day, the result is a highly efficient design with excellent thermal efficiency and a whole lot less material waste.

Maximum recycling, minimum waste

At Ventura Home Group, we really do hate to see things go to waste.

That’s why, many years ago, we decided to partner with an industry leader in waste management, Instant Waste Management.

This decision has proved an extremely good one – not just for us but for the environment too – with our recycling rates increasing to an impressive 80-85% of all site waste.

One of our latest innovations in this area involves providing our brickies and plasterers with precision quantities of pre-batched sand cement, delivered on-site in silos. As well as a reduction in site noise compared to traditional mixers, this system produces a consistent product with minimal waste.

Sure, there may be cheaper ways to manage waste. But they’re far less efficient. And far less friendly to the environment.

At Ventura Home Group, we believe the actions we are taking are helping to achieve a much more sustainable construction industry.

And that we really are building for tomorrow, today.

Last updated Mar 31, 2020