Starting from Scratch: Benefits of Building a Home Instead of Buying an Established Home

Apr 29, 2019 | Article

We spend more than half of our day/life at home, so it’s no surprise that you’d want to make sure you have a house you love. But it can be so hard to find that dream home when you’re ready for that special place.

While buying may seem like the more convenient option, over 230,000 new homes were built in Australia in 2016 alone. And there’s a good reason why!

Building a home comes with a lot of benefits that just can’t be feasibly attained when you buy a house. While it may take more time, you’ll be more likely to end up with your dream home that you’ll be happy to live in for the rest of your life.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top benefits of building a home instead of buying one.

It’s Fully Customised

Do you always seem to find something wrong in every house you look at? Maybe there isn’t enough storage space, or there’s a formal dining room that you know you’ll never use.

While a lot of things can be fixed through renovations and additions, this could end up costing you a lot in the long run. Instead, building your home gives you the opportunity to design everything the way you want right away.

Not only will you have all the amazing features you want, but you won’t have to pay for extra rooms and elements that you don’t want or need. And once your home is ready, you’ll be able to move in without having to do any extra work.

Everything Will Be Modern

When technology and home trends are constantly changing, even buying a home that’s only 10 years old means it’s likely filled with older appliances and features.

While you may want a brand-new oven with all the fancy settings, you may not be able to bring yourself to throw away the 5-year-old oven that came with the house you bought. Especially if those newer appliances raised the cost of the house.

But if you build your home, you’ll have the freedom to choose all the newest appliances without wasting money on appliances you don’t want.

You’ll also be able to design your home with modern finishes and design elements. You can even integrate smart home technology, so your lights, window treatments, and air conditioning unit can all be controlled right through your smartphone.

There are No Hidden Costs

One of the biggest risks of buying a house is the possibility of uncovering hidden costs. Even if you get an inspection before buying, you may still incur additional costs.

For example, the hot water system may fail a few months after you move in or an electrician may find faulty wiring that needs to be replaced while making renovations.

But when you build your home, you won’t have to worry about this. Since everything is new, you won’t have to replace anything. And if something does break shortly after moving in, it’ll likely still be under warranty so you won’t have to pay for a replacement.

It’s Healthier

Older houses come with a lot of potential health problems. The paints, insulation, and timber used when the home was built may have since become dangerous. There’s also a greater risk of mould, mildew, or pest problems which can all affect your health as well as the integrity of your home.

Newer houses are built with safe and toxin-free materials. If you want a home that’s also good for the environment, you can even use eco-friendly building materials to decrease your carbon footprint.

Additionally, building a home means there won’t already be mould or pests living there when you move in. And since everything is new and tightly sealed, water and critters will have a harder time entering the attic or walls and causing damage.

It’ll Have a Higher Resale Value

Between the repairs, possible health threats, and hidden costs associated with buying an older house, it should come as no surprise that most people prefer to buy a newer home. This means if you decide to sell your house in a few years, you’ll get more money for it.

You’ll Save on Energy Bills

A home’s insulation, windows, roof, heating, air conditioning unit, and appliances all contribute to how energy-efficient it is. If you buy an older home, the windows, roof, and insulation may do a poor job at keeping the cold or hot air out.

Even if you buy a newer home, you may find that the previous owners didn’t invest in energy-efficient windows, insulation, or appliances. Not only is this hurting the environment, but it’s bad for your wallet too.

However, if you choose to build a house, you can make sure it’s energy efficient. Opting to install smart home technology that allows you to control the lights and temperature from your phone is also a great way to save on energy bills as you can make sure all the lights are off and the temperature is a few degrees cooler or warmer than you like when nobody is home.

The Benefits of Building a Home

Who says that buying an established home is your only option? From being able to fully customise your house, to saving on energy bills, there are many benefits of building a home.

Are you ready to start building your dream home? We have the experience and skills to help! Contact us today to get started.

Last updated Jun 18, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant