Remember the days when all we did in the kitchen was cook?

Nov 6, 2019 | Article

Seems almost inconceivable, doesn’t it?

What was once little more than a place to peel potatoes and wash dirty dishes is now unquestionably the hub of all our homes.

Yet it isn’t that long ago when the definition of a kitchen as being ‘a room or area where food is prepared or cooked’ was pretty much spot on.

Which is, of course, still the case. Although titles like ‘Jamie’s Pucker Platefuls’ or ‘Feasting with Two Fat Ladies’ are more likely to be referenced than the classic Country Women’s Cookery Book of yesteryear.
These days, it’s not just mixing with the Thermo that goes on here.

It’s mixing with the rest of the household too.

That’s because the kitchen is the new living room. It’s where we meet every morning. It’s where we hang out. It’s where the kids pretend to do their homework. And where the grown-ups love to have a coffee and a chat.

Little wonder, then, why so much thought and effort now goes into getting the design of our kitchens just right. Not just how they look, but how they function too.

There’s the so-called ‘kitchen triangle’, for example, which refers to the sink, cooktop and fridge. The dimensions of this triangle are uber important – too small and you could be tripping up over each other, too large and preparing Christmas dinner for your extended family could be even harder than it is now.

Then there’s the benchtops to think about – thin porcelain or stone? The storage – concealed walk-in pantry or scullery. The appliances – double ovens or integrated fridges. And are you really sure you want a kitchen island right there?

If this is all starting to sound just a little bit daunting, here’s something else to think about: roughly the same amount of detailed planning is required to create your dream bathroom too.

Thank heavens, then, for the experts.

Especially our team of design experts at Ventura Home Group. With over 250 years of experience between them, to say they are obsessed with kitchen and bathroom design would be to do them a disservice.

Fact is, they live and breathe it. Whether it’s functionality, flow of work or the right materials, you can bet they’ve carefully considered it.

There isn’t an architectural website they haven’t bookmarked. A Pinterest page they haven’t pinned. A tradeshow or trend that has somehow passed them by. What are those trends you ask? Well it changes frequently, but right now a minimalistic approach is favoured. That means integrated appliances, large clean benchtops, scullerys or concealed walk-in pantries, and storage is key.

A favourite source of inspiration is, of course, EuroCucina – the world’s largest kitchen and bathroom exhibition held every two years in uber-stylish Milan. It’s a bit like the Cannes Film Festival. But instead of actors and directors, it’s appliances and design trends that are the stars.

Some years ago, the team were lucky enough to go. And if they miss out on Milan, they do the next best thing, by scouring every ‘best of EuroCucina’ posting they can find.

Then, armed with the latest innovations, technologies and trends, they incorporate all this knowledge into creating what is undoubtedly the most important kitchen and bathroom design of all.


Ventura Home Group is the proud winner of over 50 kitchen and bathroom awards.

Most recently, these include:

  • Winner 2019 HIA WA Best Kitchen in a Display ($300K – $350K) – Ventura Homes
  • Winner 2019 HIA WA Best Bathroom in a Display ($300K – $350K) – Ventura Homes
  • Winner 2018 HIA WA Best Kitchen in a Display ($300K – $400K) – Ventura Homes
  • Winner 2018 HIA Best Kitchen in a Display ($190K – 220K) – Smart Homes for Living
  • Winner 2018 HIA Best Bathroom in a Display ($300K – 350K) – Ventura Homes
  • Winner 2018 HIA Best Bathroom in a Display ($220K – 300K) – Ventura Homes

Last updated Nov 6, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant