‘It was Marco … he started it!’

Nov 21, 2019 | Article

Think this sounds like we’re pointing the finger?

We are … well and truly at Marco D’ovidio.

Truth be told, Marco has actually been starting things in the building industry for over four decades now.

And neither ourselves, nor our clients, could be happier.

That’s because Marco leads the Construction Starts Department at Ventura Homes Group.

Along with the rest of his equally passionate team, it’s Marco’s job to get the foundations of your new home, including the pouring of the slab, just right.

Now you may need to sit down for this next bit, but the alarming fact is most other building companies are happy to leave this incredibly important responsibility in the hands of a building supervisor – who is usually busy juggling lots of other projects at the same time.

Thankfully, Ventura Home Group’s is different.

Because our Starts Team, with eagle-eyed Marco in charge, literally pore over each pour.

That is, of course, only after they have meticulously studied the site plan, examined the block, organised earthworks, checked all pipe works, complied with engineering specifications, arranged formwork, guarded against nasties like damp and termites, and literally completed countless other vital tasks before the concreting truck finally arrives on site.

So what is it that makes Marco and his team so different? Apart, that is, from providing a dedicated resource that most other new home builders sadly lack.

We thought the best person to answer that would be Marco himself. And as you’d expect, he provided us with a pretty concrete response.

Marco D'ovidio photo hero image

Marco D’ovidio at VHG

“Our value to clients comes from organising everything from the start”, says Marco, “and then providing 100% control and supervision on site.”

“We keep all our processes tight and right, and we undertake random checks and constant monitoring to ensure the quality of every slab we put down is the best it can possibly be.”

He may be an old hand at his trade, but Marco still loves to look into the future.

“I want to see our clients in 10 to 20 years’ time,” he says, “and be proud to talk to them about the quality of their Ventura Home Group home and the success of the work we did together.”

There’s nothing Marco loves more than the smell of a new house – and his ongoing passion for his job means he is far from excited at the thought of retirement, if and when that time should ever come.

That said, he still likes the odd day off. And his favourite public holiday of all?

Foundation Day, of course.

Last updated Nov 28, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant