Looking to build a long-standing relationship? Ian can tell you how.

Dec 18, 2019 | Article

Don’t panic.

You’ve not suddenly stumbled upon one of those internet dating sites.

The ‘Ian’ in question is, in fact, Ian Furnivall – the Group Building Manager at Ventura Homes Group.

And since he’s been with us for 21 years, it’s fair to say he’s more qualified than most to talk about the value of long-term relationships.

We’re talking, of course, about VHG’s long-term relationships with its suppliers.

And about how, ultimately, these relationships help ensure we continue to build the best quality homes at the best possible price for our customers

So, while we’ve got Ian in the hot seat, let’s ask him some questions.

Ian Furnivall, Group Building Manager

Ian Furnivall, Group Building Manager

First things first, Ian … tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m very proud to say I’ve been working at Ventura Home Group for over 20 years now.

I look after purchasing for the Group as well as the operations side of things … basically everything up until construction actually starts.

From the moment the house sale is signed off to the day the slab is laid, it’s my job to make sure the project gets to site in a timely manner, with all of our systems and procedures followed to the letter.

So what’s the story with suppliers?

Well, I choose every single one of them … everything from the bricks to the tapware. And I choose them very carefully. Not just based on price, though that is very important. But equally based on quality and reliability.

Our customers expect the best, and that’s what we always aim to provide. For example, we’ve got long-standing partnerships with some of the building industry’s most respected brand names … like Taubmans, Colorbond, Brikmakers, Alder Tapware, Essastone, Westinghouse, Miele and many, many more.

And no matter how big they are, every single one of our suppliers knows that their products and services have to be available on site and on budget every time. We don’t give out too many second chances!

You mentioned price … how do you go about getting the best you can?

This is where the ‘good relationship’ part comes in.

After working so long at Ventura Home Group, I’ve managed to build a great deal of long-standing relationships with some great suppliers. I trust them and they trust us.

That said, we also tender a lot of our new products out to other suppliers … just to make sure we’re always getting the highest quality at the best possible value.

Plus, our ‘multi-supplier’ model assures us of transparency – because we get different quotes on exactly the same product.

Are there any specific criteria that suppliers have to meet?

First and foremost, we have to trust them to deliver. Not just one time, but every time.

That’s why we spend a great deal of time looking into their business as a whole and at what they have to offer.

We also listen very closely to our customers – particularly to which specific products they’re looking to include in their new dream homes. Once they tell me, it’s my job to find a reputable supplier, making sure their products are fully compliant with Australian Standards and National Construction Standards.

Is there anything else that might tip them in your favour?

Like most people these days, we’re committed to things like sustainability and minimal waste. And we definitely like our suppliers to share that commitment. It’s just the right thing to do, simple as that.

Last question: What do you like most about working at Ventura Home Group?

There’s lots of things. I love that it’s a family-run company. I love the vibe and the culture. I also love the fact that every day in the building industry is different. One thing’s for sure: no day is ever boring!

Last updated Dec 20, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant