Hands up who loves ‘Grand Designs’

Dec 11, 2019 | Article

Sitting there with your arm raised?

You won’t be alone.

That’s because, since its first UK airing in 1999, the Grand Designs television series has become one of the world’s most popular home building programs.

There’s even a Grand Designs Australia version now, with a particular focus on how people Down Under get to complete the home of their dreams.

The program is so popular because it shares the highs (and sometimes lows) of some of the most ambitious self-building projects you’re ever likely to see.

Now for a Declaration of Interest: At Ventura Home Group we love to watch Grand Designs.

That’s because it’s all about thinking outside the box. Which is something we always strive to do.

Ventura Home Group, in fact, has been at the forefront of innovation in home building since long before Grand Designs first appeared on our screens.

Not the way-out wacky stuff, like a converted cave or a home made out of shipping containers. (Yes, Google both these examples and you’ll find them.)

But real-life and equally groundbreaking design ideas which, modesty forbids, are actually a good deal more impressive.

Take everyone’s favourite alfresco area for example. You may not realise it, but back in 1998 our ‘Bordeaux’ display home in Murdoch was the first project home in WA to feature an outdoor living area under the main roof.

Or how about Brownstone homes? Inspired by their iconic New York counterparts, our Express Living Homes brand was the first in WA to offer these gritty and urban warehouse-style designs – fully finished and ready to move straight into.

Featuring mezzanine floors, high ceilings, open areas, exposed beams and rafters and industrial finishes, the Brownstone range was launched in 2017 – and remains incredibly unique and ‘out of the box’ in comparison to anything else on offer in today’s market.

Equally, we seek inspiration from other far flung places too. Designed with a central courtyard, The Grand Sanctuary from Smart Homes for Living echoes the tropical lifestyle of South East Asia – with natural light streaming in to every corner of the home.

Of course, it’s not just new designs we bring to market. It’s new ideas too. Like our Smart Home iDesign web platform, launched way back in 2011. Another industry first, this allowed project builder clients in Perth to customise the design of their home from the comfort of their living room.

Talking of new ideas, one of the best ones we have had is to swap all our dry walls out in favour of GTEK plasterboard. Manufactured in Perth, this all-new technology features a lifetime no-crack guarantee, doesn’t require a plasterer and can be painted immediately after installation. And by using 100% recycled paper lining, it’s not just better for you home, it’s better for the environment too.

Finally, with Perth’s Residential Design Codes (or R-Codes as they are more commonly known) in a seemingly constant state of flux, our building and design teams continue to provide new and innovative solutions to help achieve the maximum potential from your block of land.

Like we say, it’s like real-life Grand Designs.

Except that our homes come without any of the drama.

Which, we think you’ll agree, makes our version a whole lot better.

Last updated Dec 11, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant