Finding a Builder: How to Choose the Perfect Home Builder for Your Needs

May 24, 2019 | Article

Are you ready to build the house of your dreams? You want the best quality materials and inclusions, the highest quality workmanship, a design that’s perfect for you and your family and a price that offers great value for money.

To make your dream a reality, you need an exceptional home builder. There are hundreds of builders in Australia, but not all can deliver the results you deserve. You need to filter out the best of the best.

How can you find the right home builder for your needs? Keep reading to learn how to narrow down to one excellent builder.  

1. Make a List of Options

To start, you need to compile a list of builders in your area. Is it a single-storey or double-story house you are looking for? Do you love the Hamptons look or prefer the Industrial Style?

If you’re looking to build a modern, luxury home, then its recommended you avoid a builder who specialises in building for first home buyers. If you are a first home buyer, there are many builders in WA helping you build your dream home.

You may start with a Google search of builders with your criteria and visit websites of builders who appeal to you.

But most importantly, ask friends and family who they used to build their home and what type of home it was – was their first home, a custom design build or an investment? Some builders, such as Ventura Home Group, offer the full range of builder options to suit your individual lifestyle, needs and budget.

You could even post the question to your social media feeds. Followers can respond with recommendations and cautions of who not to appoint.

2. Do Your Research

From your master list of builders, you need to start narrowing it down.Your first round of cuts comes from assessing the builders’ years of experience.

Brand new companies that only have a few builds under their belt aren’t for you. Your dream home needs a builder with expertise. Cut out any builder that hasn’t been building houses for at least 5-10 years.

Some of the best builders have been around for over 25 years!

Read Their Reviews

Check out the builder’s Google My Business page. At the bottom, there are reviews left by previous clients.

Keep in mind that most people only leave a review when something negative happened. Look at recent reviews from the last couple of years. Note the red flags that appear.

If a builder consistently gets negative reviews, cross them off your list.

Browse Their Portfolio

Then, analyse their previous work. See the designs of the houses they’ve built and their appearance.

Do you like their style? Are there elements of previous builds that you want in your dream home?

If you aren’t a fan of their design plans and aesthetic, cross them off your list.  Or if you really like the builder you have chosen, have a chat to them as they are likely to customise a style and design for you.

Visit Display Homes

The best way to get a feel for what home design bests suits your needs, what price options are available, what selections are included, what can be customised, and what land options are available is to talk to a New Home Build Sales Consultant at a display home village. This way you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

3. Interview the Builders

Now that you have assessed the builders’ credentials and your master list is a bit smaller, chat to your top two builders. Interview them by asking some important questions.

Here are some to get you started:

  • Can you help me with finance?
  • What inclusions are included in the home price?
  • Can I upgrade the appliances and other pre-start selections?
  • How much customisation can be done to the design?
  • Do you offer a warranty?

You should also enquire about the neighbourhood unless you’re building on your own plot of land.

What are the schools like? What are the development plans in the area for the next five years? Are there emergency facilities nearby?

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions or feel that you’re annoying them. It’s the builder’s job to give you all the information you need. A good builder is transparent and understands that these are things the client needs to know.

4. Talk to Previous Customers

In your interview, you should also ask if they have client testimonials. These are past customers you can contact and ask about their experience.

If the builder doesn’t have any references or testimonials, that’s another red flag.

When you’re given some past clients, contact them. Ask them how their experience working with this builder was. Do they have any regrets, concerns, or complaints?

Ask them about their house. Is it still in pristine condition, or did things start breaking?

You could also see some of the builder’s past properties in person. Drive by and notice things like the quality of the brick work and curb appeal. Perhaps the current owner will be out mowing the lawn and you can ask them more questions.

5. Pay Attention to Details

Most builders will give you a tour of a finished and unfinished home they’re working on. Model homes are perfect for touring because you can see what elements you like and dislike in person.

On your tour, pay attention to details. Look at the quality of the workmanship, how flush the brickwork is and open and close cabinetry doors and drawers.

Notice if things feel cheap or high-quality. Ask if these are their highest grade or if there are upgrades available.

Observe the paint on the walls and tiling in the shower and kitchen. They should have professionals completing these jobs. There shouldn’t be any flaws.

Customer Service

You should also pay attention to how they treat you. You’re a potential client for their portfolio. Of course, they should be respectful and responsive.

Notice how long it takes a builder to get back to your email or phone message. If they’re overbooked, they might have trouble responding to new prospects. Avoid these builders.

You want your project to be a priority to the builder. That’s what you’re paying your hard-earned money for.

A great builder will be open to all your questions and willing to educate you. They will respond in a reasonable amount of time with professionalism and respect.

6. Get Everything in Writing

Throughout the whole process of finding a builder, you should be taking notes. Write down all your questions and the answers as you get them.

When you finally settle on a builder, reconfirm with them your expectations. If they agree to fulfil your expectations, get it in writing.

A contract is your protection during the home-building process.

Interested in Finding a Home Builder for Your Dream House?

Don’t trust just any builder you find in the newspaper. Do your research and ensure they’re the right builder for you.

Use the tips above on narrowing down your home builder search.

Then, contact Ventura Home Group. We have a range of builder brands for every lifestyle and every budget – but what’s common amongst all of our builders is that we build custom, high-quality, and sustainable homes.

Last updated Jun 18, 2019

By: Kate Paratore

Marketing Consultant