Our commitment to outstanding waste management

Apr 23, 2020 | Article

Waste not, want not. Remember being told this as a child?

Our parents (well, at least those of this writer anyway) would often repeat this well-known phrase as they watched us shove all the bits of dinner we didn’t want to eat to one side of our plate.

Things like liver or Brussels sprouts may indeed have tasted ‘yuk’ to a younger palette, but they were ‘good for you’ and ‘much too precious to waste.’

Hence the proverbial ‘waste not, want not’ which was actually first used in 1772 – again, probably to some youngster not overly fussed with eating his mum’s special turnip surprise.

In today’s increasingly throwaway society, however, the phrase seems to be even more appropriate than ever.

It’s not just food, of course, that we’re wasting in record numbers. It’s everything else too.

So much so that our throwaway lifestyle is now having a detrimental effect on the health and viability of our planet.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is the world is at last waking up to the damage bring caused.

And by collectively following the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle, we are finally doing what our parents beseeched of us all those years ago.

Putting our own house(s) in order

We may have said this in an earlier blog. But it’s well worth repeating here.

At Ventura Home Group, we really are committed to sustainable waste management – and to ensuring that the amount of building materials we send to landfill is the minimum it can be.

This is not us jumping on the bandwagon to establish our ‘green’ credentials.

Far from it.

The fact is, for over ten years now, we have been in partnership with Instant Waste Management, a respected industry leader, to process all our construction waste.

As a result of this partnership, and through robust business practices, up to 90% of our construction waste is recycled.

And what exactly is this waste?

It’s all that stuff you see thrown into skip bins – timber, plasterboard, bricks, rock, cement and the like.

Total it all up and waste from the construction and demolition industry actually accounts for around one third of all the waste that goes to landfill.

Yet, with just a little bit of care, the vast majority of this waste can easily have a second life.

Our bricks, for example, get crushed and turned into road base. So does our sand and concrete too. Our timber cut-offs become animal bedding and mulch. And our waste metals are even exported back to China – which is far more cost effective than digging up raw iron ore.

Getting schooled in the art of waste management

Our partnership with Instant Waste Management goes way beyond the construction site.

In fact, every Ventura Home Group scheduler, estimator, site manager and director has completed waste education workshops with Instant Waste Management which focus on ways to mitigate waste in the first place.

These include being far more precise in our estimating, using sustainable materials wherever possible, and measuring purchased volumes against wastage to help inform all future builds.

So what does all this mean to you?

It means that you can be confident when choosing to build with one of the Ventura Home Group brands that we, as your builder, really are committed to doing everything we can to help the environment.

And, by sending a whole lot less waste to landfill, it means that we can keep the overall cost of your build down.

You win. Our planet wins.

That definitely sounds good to us.

Apr 23, 2020